Live Crawfish from Louisiana sales

Crawfish Season is Over for 2017

Read important message below.

We had a great season and look forward to seeing all of you next year. You should get a text either in January or February, depending on Mother Nature.


I have been having problems with my group texts as not everyone seems to get it. Part of the "problem" is that we have a really large customer list now. I tried a different method last week and asked everyone to send me a TEXT (NOT an EMAIL) to Several of you did which was helpful. Some of you sent an email instead of a text. Some people did neither which for the most part, probably meant you did not get the text.

  • If you have not done so already, please send a TEXT with your first and last name to
  • If you cannot enter an email address in the phone number space for a text, please fill out this form.

Hopefully this new system will insure that everyone receives the weekly text next year. You will be able to reply to the text just like you would any other text to order for that week.

This next section is for those of you who are technically minded and are wondering what I am doing.

This method will allow me to send a text using my computer, to everyone on our 1000 customer database at one time. Before, I was sending it in batches of 20 people, waiting several minutes for it to go through and then sending the next batch. This was taking me all day Monday to send out the text.

You can send a text to a person or a group through email. The email address is the phone number @ a code provided by their cell phone company. If you send me a text to my email account it gives me your phone number and the code for your cell phone company. I can then add that to my address book and "email" you a text.