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Now selling prepackaged items for your boil at our wholesale cost!

(no mark-up on these items).

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Delivery also available in a limited area.

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Crawfish Weekly price
10 frozen corn (small ears) $3.00
3 lbs small red potatoes $3.00
2 lbs large yellow onions $2.00
2 lb dry seasoning (Kevin's own spicy mix, includes salt, cayenne pepper and Zatarains. Seasons up to 45lbs) $3.00


Zatarains liquid crab boil (16 oz) $2.50
Lemon juice (16 oz) $2.00

Text to preorder your veggies and/or spices to help us to have them ready to go when you arrive. Cash at the door or PayPal.

    Note: We add a 3% surcharge for PayPal Purchases. It shows up in PayPal as a tax.

Our address is 12235 Stable Road Drive, San Antonio. We work from our home.