Live Crawfish from Louisiana sales

Crawfish Season has started!

  • Order by Wednesday evening (6 pm) to pick up on Friday AM (10 am-noon), Friday PM (1pm-6pm) or Saturday AM (7am-noon).
  • We do not buy extra crawfish for those who do not pre-order.
  • New Customers, please send a text to 210.865.6944 with your first and last name to join our text list and order. Let me know if you use T-Mobile as I have to set that up differently.
  • New customers ordering 100 or more pounds must pay for their first order through PayPal by Wednesday, 6 pm.
  • You can pay by credit card or check through PayPal (see below) on the day that you order or pay in cash (preferred) when you pick up your order. No checks or credit cards accepted at the door.

    • Note: If you order and cannot pick up your crawfish, contact me by text before Friday noon. If you do not contact me, your name will be removed from our customer list and if you want to order crawfish again, you must use PayPal to pay when you order. Please, do not leave us scrambling to find someone to buy the crawfish that you ordered and did not pick up.

  • You can find instructions on keeping your crawfish alive and on how to cook them here.
    • Note: A crawfish that is dead but is not mushy, can still be cooked and eaten. Many crawfish die from the shock of the purging water. They have not been dead long enough to start to decay. Also, crawfish kept on ice are hibernating and might appear to be dead until they warm up. Remember, they all die when they hit that boiling water. A few may die just a little bit sooner.

  • Our address is 12235 Stable Road Drive, San Antonio. We work from our home.

If you wish to pay by check or credit card, fill out this form, below, to pay through PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account to use PayPal

Contact Name -must match card
Pickup time Fri AM/PM/Sat AM

Note: We add a 3% surcharge for Credit Card Purchases. It shows up in PayPal as a tax.

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