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Thank you for enquiring about a crawfish boil. This will be a party that your guests will never forget!

We do all the cooking while you " c'est les bon tomp roulette!"

(Let the good times roll)

Crawfish Boil

Shrimp Boil

Other Cajun Specialties

We will even show you how to peel and eat crawfish Cajun style !
Just to make sure you are comparing our services to anyone else whom you might contact, we offer a traditional crawfish boil using large pots so that we can adjust seasonings to meet your taste (no pour-on dry seasoning). We soak our crawfish so that the meat is spicy (some others don't soak and just throw dry seasoning on the shells). All of our side dishes are made by scratch by our reward winning chef, Cayenne Kevin. We have a $2400 minimum which is enough food for 100 people. Discounts available for events with 300+ people (900 lbs boiled crawfish).
Boiled Crawfish 3 lbs per person $24 or $9/lb
Sausage $16/lb
Mushrooms $4/lb
Chicken & sausage gumbo $10/serving served with rice and potato salad (Minimum 50 servings)
Seafood Gumbo $20/serving served with rice and potato salad (Minimum 50 servings)
Boiled Jumbo Shrimp market price
Small pork or beef PoBoys $60/dozen
Small fried shrimp poBoys $70/dozen
Spicy chicken salad/shrimp salad sandwiches $50/dozen


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Calendar and Reservations